T girl climax

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t girl climax

2 Feb And women are even less likely to finish during casual sex, with only about 40% saying that they climaxed during their last hookup (compared to 80% of men), according to a study in the American Sociological Review. There are numerous other studies and stats out there about the female orgasm struggle. 2 Jun Psst—you over there! Don't be shy orgasms are as much a part of women's health as dental floss—but a lot more fun. For all the things you've been dying to find out as well as things you've never even thought of, expand your knowledge about the "big O" with this list of enlightening facts. 20 Jun Interestingly, only a generation ago many doctors believed that a high proportion of the female population simply couldn't climax at all. Why did they think this way? Simply because most of them had had little or no training in sexual medicine. Also, the majority of them were so embarrassed about sex. t girl climax

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