Peeing load

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peeing load

12 Mar I have about 12 pees per day no joke! My friends are always winding me up about the amount of times i have to pee, i struggle to keep it held in to because it hurts and i feel like my bladder is really weak - weaker than normal. It doesnt hurt when i wee and it looks healthy. I drink loads of fluid as i play loads. What about your sodium intake? Anyway, when carb loading, you are also drinking plenty of water (more than usually)? If you lower your sodium for some reason and drink plenty of water when carbs are high (1g of carb in body requires /takes around 3g of water + other needs), you could end up peeing a. This has come on in the last week or so. I've been waking up fine in the morning but feeling a bit tireder than usual. Over the day the tiredness get.

Peeing load -

Diabetes mellitus if uncontrolled. The pill has sorted this completely but I do get PMT, bad period pains and really achy breasts about 10 days before I am due on. Another thought - You couldn't be pg? The need for other testing depends on what doctors find during the history and physical examination see Table: peeing load

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