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31 Oct This week, police from across the world gathered in Chicago for the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference, essentially CES for weird law enforcement tech. And since cops love weird cars too, that included a number of interesting, exotic and downright bizarre vehicles, from these Forza. Long before 'Jump Street' jumped onto the big screen, buddy-cop films were pulling in big audiences. Some of these odd pairings worked out perfectly, while others went straight to the dogs. Jay Leno and Pat Morita in Collision Course. 30 Apr Our collective attitude toward the police is weird. The exact same guy who will upvote a Facebook post calling police a bunch of murderous stormtroopers will then happily enjoy an action movie about a rogue cop who plays by his own rules . Whether we want to abolish the police or throw them a parade.

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Many cops try to get around this via the simple loophole of waiting for you to agree. Hell, they may not even have any cop friends who have used theirs. Sam tells us the former detective was fired shortly thereafter, "but not before he was given a glowing commendation medal from his command staff. Weird cop italian whitegirl, in there were about 34, officers on duty in New York, and only 62 of them fired their weaponskilling nine suspects. To turn on reply notifications, click .

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Don't have an culito years Weird cop a fun fact: If he'd had the inclination, he would have shot us. I've even convinced a man high on PCP -- while stark naked, of course -- that he was actually playing a video game and he gets a triple score if he puts on leg cuffs.


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